What's New at KLT?

New Web Site

At long last our new web site went on-line in January 2013.  It is, of course, a work in progress, and we welcome your comments or suggestions at sales@kltassoc.com.

World Community Grid

On December 1, 2008, KLT Associates joined the World Community Grid, a "public computing grid benefiting humanity".  Basically, we donate our idle CPU time to worthwhile projects.  For example, our eMail and FTP server is a dual Xeon processor (4 CPUs, running 24/7).  It really doesn't have that much computing to do, so we volunteered our server to the WCG.  Now it spends the bulk of its CPU time (all 4 CPUs) working on research projects (that's 4 tasks at a time, 24/7) whose results belong to the public domain.  And that means we all benefit from the research.

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