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gpSpeedPack - The power of a GPU with multiple CPUs

A KLT gpSpeedPack license enables our computation-intensive programs to take advantage of the Graphics Processing Unit ("GPU") found on most of today's graphics cards.  This GPU is composed of multiple CPUs that can perform independent calculations in parallel, at the same time.

For example, when computing orthophotos, for each (x,y,z) pixel in the orthophoto we need to calculate the corresponding source (x,y,z) pixel(s) in the original photo(s).  The 3D transformation from one reference system to another takes into account the omega/phi/kappa rotations, the scale difference and the (x,y,z) reference shifts:
Xnew = Mxx*Xold + Mxy*Yold + Mxz*Zold + Tx
Ynew = Myx*Xold + Myy*Yold + Myz*Zold + Ty
Znew = Mzx*Xold + Mzy*Yold + Mzz*Zold + Tz

An ordinary computer would be programmed to perform these 9 multiplications and 9 additions in serial, one after the other.  With a GPU, the 9 multiplications happen on 9 different CPUs in parallel, at the same time!  In fact, because most of the computation is off-loaded to the GPU, the main system CPUs can do a better job with image handling and filing.

In order to take advantage of parallel processing, each of our computation-intensive programs, like AIRTRIG and TERRAIN, had to be completely rewritten from scratch.  These are not simple updates to a program to accommodate a new camera, or a new image format.  They are new replacement products: gpAIRTRIG64 and gpTERRAIN64, etc.  And, yet, we are reluctant to ask our clients to purchase AIRTRIG or ORTHO software again.  Instead, we offer the new gpSpeedPack license, which works alongside your existing ORTHO, or AIRTRIG, or TERRAIN licenses, and entitles you to use the new gp64 products.

If you're using our ORTHO, AIRTRIG, TERRAIN products on an x64 computer with an appropriate graphics card, and you want things to run 10 times faster, then you should try out our gpSpeedPack license.